5 Reasons why you should select an ISO 9001 Certified company


5 Reasons why you should select an ISO 9001 Certified company for your next IT project


Sunday , 27 March , 2022

You’ve most likely heard this term in your field before. In fact, ISO 9001 certified organizations frequently make it evident in their digital and physical environments that they are ISO-certified. But what does ISO certification entail, how significant is it? What are the benefits of selecting ISO-certified companies from a customer perspective?

What is ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is a standard that outlines the requirements that a company’s quality management system must meet or surpass in order to be certified. The ISO 9001 standard is one of the ISO 9000 standards group (or “family”). This ISO group focuses on quality management systems (QMS), which help businesses “ensure that their products and services constantly meet customer requirements and that quality is consistently improved.”

It’s tough to obtain this certification, and it’s even more tough to maintain it because of the stringent standards that must be followed in order for a company to earn and maintain one. Which makes working with an ISO 9001-certified company has several advantages, all of which are focused on improving performance and, ultimately, your satisfaction as a customer.

Here are the top five reasons to select an ISO 9001 Certified company for your next IT project

1. The company conforms with industry-standard quality management procedures and strictly adheres to those procedures

One of the criteria for obtaining the certification is that a company develops and implements a particular and well-defined quality management system aimed at promoting standardization across all levels and operations of the organisation. As a result of this standardization, a high-quality product and service that consistently fulfils the specified specifications is produced.

Customers will also have peace of mind when working with a certified company since they can expect the same high-quality and superior product or service every time.

2. You will get your product or service on time

The accreditation also ensures that accredited companies are constantly efficient, ensuring that customers receive their products and services on time. Companies that have achieved ISO certification already have established and dependable methods in place for calculating and managing lead times. They may also coordinate every stage of the production process, from the initial order to the final product delivery.

3. Start expecting lower costs
Cost savings are also a result of standardization and QMS. This is because ISO 9001 places a strong emphasis on making continual improvements to production, delivery, and supply operations. To efficiently fulfil and satisfy customers’ expectations, ISO 9001 manufacturing organizations, for example, are continually seeking for methods to cut waste and eliminate redundant procedures in their manufacturing supply chain. This promotes value creation and innovation.

4. Receiving reliable products & services

There’s no getting around it. Customers will always receive trustworthy products with few to no problems if they use a reliable and established QMS system. You’ll always get dependable equipment, high-quality components, and excellent customer service. ISO 9001 certification also implies that the organization has established quality management standards to ensure that all of its deliverables are successful. If there are any irregularities, these accredited firms have mechanisms in place to detect and correct the problem. It also entails preventing the problem from reoccurring.

5. Customers benefit from improved service.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate objective since satisfied customers result in increased revenue. Customers’ requirements are at the heart of the ISO’s guiding principle. To meet the requirements of the end customer, all products and services must be improved on a regular basis.

Obtaining ISO certification has several benefits, not only for the customer but also for the company. The five points listed above are only a few of the most crucial.

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