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Enterprise Architecture
driving more value from your technology investments and assets by aligning them with your business goals.

Our team of Enterprise, Solution, and Technology Architects will work closely with you to create a contemporary software architecture that will help enhance your business performance, increase revenue, and give strategic assistance throughout the development process.

We specialize in
EA Strategy & Planning

EA Strategy & Planning

We work closely with various leaders and stakeholders within the organisation to conduct an in-depth enterprise architecture assessment and offer guidance on exploiting technology solutions to remodel business operations.

EA Implementation

EA Implementation

Whether your business has an enterprise architecture or not, We can help you transform your capabilities by establishing the core components of enterprise architecture while driving success for crucial business and technology initiatives.

Technical Architect as a Service

Technical Architect as a Service

Our technical architects operate as an extension of your team, capable of working across multiple disciplines including aws, identity and access management, MongoDB clusters, Nginx, and active directory. We wil help your business reduce costs on full-time architecture resources.

Risk Identification and Management

Risk Identification and Management

Our team of enterprise architects assesses and identifies long- and short-term risks that may cause technical challenges and have an impact on future business operations. We assess risks on a regular basis to ensure that your software functions smoothly.

Our Enterprise Architecture Operating Model

Strategic Planning

We engage with various leaders and stakeholders across the organization to perform an in-depth enterprise architecture assessment and provide guidance on leveraging technology solutions to remodel business operations.

Enterprise Architecture Roadmap

Once the strategies are aligned, we develop phased roadmaps to achieve each strategy on time. Our EA Roadmap involves the creation of a detailed rollout plan for ongoing governance and implementation of the EA.

Enterprise Planning

Based on the rolled out roadmap, we plan how to successfully create an enterprise architecture that can bring efficiency and boost the productivity of organizations.


Our team of technical architects delivers the low-level design and proof-of-concept to receive early feedback from the client. Based on the improvements received from the client, we develop and deliver an innovative enterprise architecture.


We collect different performance measures, track the progress of enterprise architecture and analyze user feedback by identifying improvements in the delivered enterprise architecture.

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