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We help businesses by utilizing the best technology stack, and proven methodologies to deliver reliable web, mobile or desktop apps that can drive business growth effectively.

We specialize in
Custom Application Development

Delivering corporate solutions based on our extensive understanding of technologies and the markets they operate in. With our agile mindset, we look beyond technology to deliver viable solutions for your particular business context.

Mobile Application Development

From ideation to deployment and support, we at Pharaoh Soft can assist you with every step of your mobile app life cycle, making launching a new venture or improving on existing solutions completely seamless.

POC Development

Safely examine business-boosting ideas before bringing them to the market using robust testing, project forecasting and expert road mapping.

Staff Augmentation

Looking to augment your project team with a specific IT skill set on a temporary basis? Using our staff augmentation solution, we can help you achieve a perfect match between your project's progress and its cost-effectiveness.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and support are essential parts in any software system life cycle, which demands adds to the software TCO and can sometime even make it worthwhile to replace the software if its maintenance costs increased as it grows older.

E-Commerce Solutions

We help businesses get far ahead from competition by crafting customer-centric, high-performing 3D eCommerce solutions that cause substantial shift in ROI through improved customer experience, increased traffic and conversion rate optimization.

                We're here to partner with your organization on your next project

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We're here to partner with your organization on your next project