Finding a Magento web development company for your Magento Project



Finding a Magento web development company for your Magento Project


Friday , 11 November , 2022

Magento is a product that has earned a spot as one of the most preferred and user-friendly ecommerce platforms worldwide, delivering superlative benefits for online stores with high functionalities, greater control over the appearance, and a highly adaptable and flexible shopping cart system.


There are many reasons behind Magento earning this spot, starting from the crucial elements of any high-performing ecommerce shop which are delivered as standard features in Magento, along with many other advanced features, while most other ecommerce systems need the installation of extra plugins/ components or custom development work.


Here is a short list of the advanced features offered by Magento by default:


On top of all, one of the greatest things when selecting Magento is that the Magento platform is open source, so you don’t have to worry about any subscriptions or license fees. Furthermore, you are not bound to a company’s exclusive ecommerce platform.


Finally, Magento is backed by hundreds, if not thousands, of development resources, so choosing Magento means that you will be able to maintain, upgrade, or relocate your ecommerce business as you see fit.


Looking for a Magento web development company to help you build a versatile, customizable, and Cost-Effective eCommerce Solutions?


Look no further, Pharaoh Soft is an Indianapolis based, one of the top Magento web development companies worldwide offering skilled & certified Magento talents. Our Magento certified developers has over 12 years of expertise in the Magento ecommerce orientation on the web.


Our objective is to provide our customers with powerful storefront models, so that they can add and upgrade features to their ecommerce shop and scalability.


Our services are beneficial to businesses throughout the website launch, website migration, and digital business transformation stages. We have the necessary technological skills, and we go the extra mile with a results-driven approach. You obtain higher ROI, less TCO and brand awareness by working with us to reach business objectives.


How can we help?


Magento Web Development

Looking for a feature-rich, fully customizable B2B or B2C ecommerce site? Our Magento talents will investigate the open source Magento potential to provide 3rd party integrations for Magento CE and EE, ERP and POS integrations with Magento sites, and multi-vendor setup and migration services.


Custom Magento Extension Development

We have extensive experience building Magento extensions. Our team can create a Magento extension for your own ecommerce shop or a bespoke Magento extension to help you with services you offer to Magento store owners.


Website Management at Magento

We provide real-time administration of your website, as well as functional updates accessible via Magento’s professional desk. We offer a professional Magento development team with the necessary skills and competence to handle your Magento website.


Integration of Payment Gateways

Integrating your Magento website with your preferred payment gateway.


UI/UX Design

The most successful customer-facing element for any organization is its website, which is responsible for conversions and business income. That’s why our team employs the best practices to provide a meaningful user experience for increased brand awareness.


Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

We provide PWA solutions for our customers’ Magento websites. You may reach out with a better eCommerce website, and Magento PWA makes this possible.



As our Magento team assist you in migrating to a new version of Magento from an older edition or even to another e-commerce platform, we assist you with data transfer and much more. We assist in delivering a superior version after migration.

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